Heat Output 40,000 BTU
Heating Area Up to 1000 sq. ft
Fuel Type 20 lb. propane
Fuel Consumption 1.9 lbs/hr
Max Operating Hours 11 hours
Air Flow 300 CFM

  • Adjustable heat angle
  • 10-ft. hose and regulator included
  • Fully enclosed gas controls 
  • Overheat shut-off 
  • Piezo ignition

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Product Description

We bet you can think of up to 1000 square feet of your space that could use some extra heat in the winter. Enter the ProTemp® 40,000 BTU propane forced air torpedo heater. It’ll be reliable no matter where you use it, be it shop, garage, or barn. In fact, wherever you need efficient, dependable heat this heater can get the job done. Its time-tested design includes the built-in convenience and advanced safety features you expect from ProTemp products. Pros choose ProTemp.


  • CSA certified for use with a 20 lb. propane cylinder
  • Adjustable heat angle
  • Fully enclosed gas controls
  • Safety features include high-temperature limit shut-off, flame-out fuel cut, and thermocouple
  • Piezo ignition
  • 10-ft. hose and regulator included


Product Features


Heat Setting Dial

Height Adjustment

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