Model numbers: PT-16-TTC, PT-32-TTC, PT-47-TTC

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I operate my tank top heater?

How long is my warranty?

Can I use a tank larger than a 20-lb. propane tank?

What is the smallest size propane tank the tank top can use?

Can I use this heater in my house?

How do I test for leaks?

How do I order parts for my heater?

What is the function of the tip switch?

Heater will light, but will go out when releasing the plunger on the safety valve.

What is the amount of run time on a 20-pound tank with the PT-16-TTC heater? PT-32-TTC? PT-47-TTC?

I am getting an odor from the heater. Is this normal?

The wind keeps blowing out the heater. Is this normal?

How do I know if the thermocouple is bad or working correctly?

What are the required clearances to combustibles for the heater?