Model numbers: PT-45-KFA, PT-80T-KFA, PT-140T-KFA, PT-175T-KFA, PT-215T-KFA

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is your warranty?

Where can I take my heater to be serviced?

How do I maintain my forced air heater?

My heater runs for a short period of time then shuts off?

Where can I find my model number?

Where can I find my serial number?

Can I use another fuel besides kerosene?

How do I adjust the pump pressure on my forced air heater?

What are the minimum clearances required from combustibles?

If the flame goes out, will fuel continue to pump?

What happens if the heater loses electrical power, or is accidentally unplugged?

Can I use kerosene from last season?

How much ventilation do I need to use my heater safely?

Can I use an extension cord? If so, what size do I need?

I just bought a heater, and am using diesel fuel. It runs for about 3 minutes, and then stops. What can I do?

What should my pump pressure on my heater be set at?

The heater is making a spark, but is not starting?

The motor starts but the heater does not ignite. What are the possible causes and solutions?

How long will my heater run on a tank of fuel?

There is some kerosene coming out the front of my heater.

The heater works with the lid opened, but not when the lid is closed.

How do I adjust the rotor gap?

Can I use this heater indoors?

The motor has power but does not run. What are the possible causes and solutions?

How do I order parts for my heater?