Industrial Heating and Cooling Products

Our business is industrial climate control that is both effective and versatile. For the winter we make a wide variety of heating solutions, utilizing liquid fuel, gas fuel, or electricity to generate heat. For summer we offer a large lineup of industrial fans, blowers and air dryers, offering consumers the perfect way to save on energy costs in their application.

Multi-Fuel Forced Air Heaters
SilentDrive® Heaters
SilentDrive® Radiant Heaters
Propane Forced Air Heaters
Propane Convection Heaters
Propane Cabinet Heaters
Propane Tank Top Heaters
Electric Fan Heaters
High Capacity Fans
High Velocity Fans



The leading manufacturer of heating and cooling products.

A trusted name for quality, Protemp is a leading manufacturer of portable job site heating and cooling products.

Founded in Pennsylvania, where winters are cold and snowy and summers are hot and muggy, we built our lineup with lots of firsthand experience. Since 2004, Protemp has been taking the industry by storm, growing into an international brand and serving customers worldwide. LEARN MORE